Finding my purpose

Finding my purpose
Photo by Jamie Street / Unsplash

(to be read later, over and over again)

My friends know me as someone who will try different things at different seasons of my life. I have learned how to play the guitar, draw, code, and so many more. I got so quickly hooked on learning different things that I could put myself into many shoes. A musician. A drawer. Perhaps an engineer. All these big words.  

At this point, I am actively trying to consume less to understand my direction. It is hard when everyone seems to have "figured it out". Upon calling one of my friends and chatting with another, I realized that no one had gotten it all yet. Instead, they struggled to define their purpose, and they wanted to find ways to resist following the motion of life. However, there was overwhelming pressure as I grew older, and like them, trying to understand and find my purpose.

I knew that my purpose was to help people. The bigger question is: How? I have tried various ways to help people, such as volunteering, raising funds for the community, or even finding some way to raise awareness of mental health. No doubt that all of these initiatives are "helping people". But is that something I am genuinely passionate about? Are these things the purpose of my life? I am not sure.

As accomplished my resume may look, I find myself thinking. Who am I beyond these achievements I have done? Am I satisfied with who I am? Of course, no one could answer these questions but me. But at this present moment, I cherish the present that I have, the people around me, and the memories that I hold.

Will I figure it out by tomorrow, next month, or next year? Perhaps not. But I am not going to give up finding them. So, for now, I will continue writing, helping people, making an impact. Perhaps I would eventually find them in one of these avenues I have always been doing.

If there is a message that I have to leave behind after reading this article, it would be that you are not alone, and (almost) no one has it all figured out yet.