Forget NY Resolution. What are your 2022 mental health goals?

Forget NY Resolution. What are your 2022 mental health goals?
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A lot of people created New Year's Resolutions that will hopefully stick to them throughout the year. These goals are apt for their prospects, their goals and/or their souls. As for me, I have definitely crafted some mental health tick-boxes for me. I would not necessarily call them goals because they are not the final destination I want to reach; they are activities that I want to practice more formally this year and more so in my lifetime. Have you thought about your tick-boxes? Below are some ideas that I will be embarking on that could give you some ideas too!

Coloring sheets to achieve more relaxation and focus
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  • Tick-box 1: Creating art
    I had always enjoyed creating art when I was much younger. Because of academic work when school started, this touch of creation was long gone. Funnily, art found a way to infuse back into my life in various means. I took a photography class in high school (or polytechnic). That was undoubtedly one of the stressful courses that I had taken in school, especially since getting anything lower than an A would affect my GPA. Although it was a half-term course, I put in so much time and effort to get my desired grades. Alas, I got that A that I wanted, and unknowingly, acquired a skill that I still carry today. The synergy between art and science is constantly touched upon in mechanical engineering. I had a great avenue exploring various forms of art through Design, Art and Creativity - an elective course in my third year. At the end of the course, I knew that I was a better artist than before. Thoughts surrounding how art should be like should be debunked. Art is about studying the art of process and presence. Art is definitely a way for us to validate our imagination. This year, I want to try creating art in graphic design and drawing. I am also creating a page that inspires creativity through different means (Check out @idontcarelendar)
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  • Tick-box 2: Exercise
    For many of you that know me personally, I am a big guy in exercising. I do lots of sports and am always down for physical activity. Yes, I will continue doing all of these. However, ever since I got swamped with school, I still wake up at the same time at 6am. But the first thing I did was going to my laptop and starting my homework. I have forgotten the need to balance work and life, or even exercise! I knew that exercise encourages endorphins to flow in your body. I knew that exercise encourages growth beyond just health (it works well on productivity too). I knew that exercises encourage self-love. But I was so engrossed doing things right and well. So I started blocking out time to exercise in my calendar to circumvent this problem. At least now, I hold myself accountable for making plans to exercise.
One of the best sunsets I have ever experienced and definitely one of the best pictures I have ever shot.
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  • Tick-box 3: Meditation and/or Yoga
    Meditation is one of those things that I am entirely new towards. I have not done meditation formally in my life before. The closest thing I have done is perhaps using Headspace. The other memory of doing meditation would be through my sister. She has been engaged with meditation class for some time, and she introduced me to Gong Meditation. It was a harrowing session for me as I started sweating and panting in a well-ventilated AC room. (there were reasons behind it) Lastly, my exposure to yoga leads me to Shavasana, the post-yoga corpse position. I highly approve of this pose because I have relaxed post-yoga, and it sometimes helped me attain better sleep. All biases aside, I thought I would like a more formal introduction to these activities since I know that they would be healthy for my soul.

These are soul-improving activities I will embark on this year.

So what about you? What mental health goals or tick-boxes will you be embarking?