My Stanford classes this quarter (Winter '22)

My Stanford classes this quarter (Winter '22)
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Every quarter, we have to choose some courses in school so that we are enrolled. There are so many unique courses at Stanford, and it was hard making any decisions. Should I take this computer science course? Oh! What about this? Having an overchoice may seem desirable, but there are just too many things to learn in the world. So I have streamlined down my courses this quarter to these four courses. I will also write some of my top contenders that did not make it to the list this quarter.

  • STATS216 - Introduction to Statistical Learning (Susan Holmes)

Having taken a challenging probability class last quarter, I got interested in the applications of statistics and decided to take this class in the end. I was battling to take this class now or later in another quarter, but I decided to take it now. I wanted to take it now to have incremental steps towards taking CS229 (Machine Learning), which is an infamous mathematical rigorous course. The class offers a deep understanding of supervised learning without dealing too much with mathematical reasoning. However, learning R from scratch is not desirable since I am comfortable with Python already. Nonetheless, if statisticians use R (because of ggplot2), I would get with the flow rather than resist it.

  • SURG241 - Portraiture and Facial Anatomy for Artists (Lauren Toomer and Sakti Srivastava)

When I saw this course, I was utterly confused; this course is primarily an art course that draws on skulls and cadavers. Yet, because of the relationship with the medical school, it is also cross-listed as a science course. Moreover, the course number is above 200. To check for confirmation, I ask my course coordinator, Michelle, if taking this course is creditable to my degree! I had to ask Michelle twice to make sure it was alright, and she comforted me with assurance. My intention in taking this course was to gain exposure to art courses and understand what a day in the life of an art student means. I have always enjoyed art, and furthermore, it relates to my 2022 mental health goals. So why not take this course that marries the conditions I am looking for!

  • ME310B - Global Engineering Design, Thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

ME310B is a continuation of the ME310 series, a three-quarter course that fits into my curriculum as part of my specialization. Over the fall quarter, I took another course called Start-up Garage from the B-school, and the approaches to start-ups are mostly the same. Find a problem, interview people, check with them with prototypes (as scrappy as possible), repeat. However, since there are some overlaps, I decided to drop Start-up Garage and take this course instead. I also enjoyed this course since I have supportive team members, and we have commonalities to find solutions for people in need.

  • CME193 - Introduction to Scientific Python (Arun Jampulapati)

The title of this course is self-explanatory. In my undergraduate days, I used a lot of Python to get my assignments done, more specifically, within the Numpy package. Since I will be doing lots of programming soon, especially in my CS classes, it would be helpful to learn this right now.

As Week 1 is closing to an end, I am still unsure about the last course, as other classes piqued my interests instead. I ought to decide soon to start on the assignments properly for the remainder of the quarter.